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Spookover events at the Deering Estate (FL)

Florida delegate of the Paranormal Consortium

Deering Estate
LPI Florida - August 2009
When talking about the Deering Estate most of you will only think about the years that Charles Deering owned or lived on this property (from 1915-1927). This is far from a complete picture. The Deering Estate has a history that goes back far more than the last 10,000 years. With such a rich history, we from the League of Paranormal Investigators were very curious to see if the haunted stories were true and if the Deering Estate was indeed a Haunted location.

It took us a year of preparation to find the correct contacts and we were happy that in the summer of 2009 we where allowed to perform a paranormal investigation on the Estate, which grew into a partnership between the Deering Estate and us. This partnership, called "Voices of the Past," resulted in a successful monthly Ghost Tour every fourth Thursday of each month. Colleen the Case Manager on this case did a terrific job to make this investigation a successful experience for all of us. As part of the background research she also spent many hours in the Special Collections Department of the University of Miami ’s Otto Richter library, special collections served as members.

Also as part of the background research, we interviewed the Deering Estate staff. We collected their personal experiences and background information. This information helped us to understand what we might expect during this investigation and explain what we found in our evidence.

Due to the size of our research file and collected stories, we decided to split this investigation into several nights. On August 15th we started with the natural areas where naturalists of the Deering Estate guided us to the important and historic sites. We decided to split the team up in four smaller teams which went out to collect as much paranormal evidence as possible. Despite the heavy rain we where still able to collect some cool evidence. Also, a lot of investigators had some personal experiences during this nighttime nature hike.

The following day we investigated the Richmond Cottage, Stone House and Carriage House. During these investigations, Ghost Lab and the IR cameras were set up in the Stone House in various locations. Ghost Lab was set up on the third floor (offices closed to the public) where psychics and non-psychics experienced a heavy feeling. Also, two IR cameras were set up in one of the closets and the hallway to the office where Ghost Lab was set up. The other two IR cameras where located in Mr. Deering’s office and his bedroom. This night we found some interesting evidence which can be reviewed on the evidence page of this case.

A week later in Richmond Cottage, we decided to go back and let Ghost Lab and IR cameras run the whole night at the Richmond Cottage without anybody in the building. On the third floor we did set up Ghost Lab in the conference room which was also base camp for the IR camera recorder. One of the IR cameras was set up to validate a story that a sink and shower turn on without anybody around. To validate that, nobody entered the room unnoticed, and a motion detector was set up to detect any movement. Another camera was set up in one of the administrative office's and this move turned out to be very interesting. The other IR cameras were set up in different rooms. Please see evidence page of this case.

We also brought a medium, which was a good friend of the LPI founders, two nights in a row to collect more physical impressions which cannot be captured by our equipment. On August 26th we took the medium on tour throughout the Richmond Cottage where she pointed out the hotspots. The following night we took the medium to the Stone House where we got more impressions and a better understanding of a negative entity visiting the Stone House and the Richmond Cottage.

After analyzing all evidence, we are proud to announce that we found a location that removes Villa Paula from the first place as Most Haunted house in Miami. The most important evidence of this investigation was found in the historic houses and general access areas of the Estate that we "captured" two apparitions on digital camera. One apparition was of a man and one of a woman which were taken close to the boat basin behind the Stone House. We collected more positive evidence than we can show in this case file, and we would like to invite you for a Ghost Tour where you can experience the Voices of the Past. Members of the League of Paranormal Investigators will be onsite and available to answer all your Paranormal questions.